Neil The Wheel
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Neil The Wheel
Part 1

Neil Bow & Laura Hermanson
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  My friend Neil has agreed to let me follow him around for a week or so to interview both himself and his clients for my documentary. First day out Neil has a new client called Laura Hermanson. We were a bit held up at Neil's house because of a phone call, so we are late to take Laura for her first ever driving lesson, so Neil puts his foot well and truly down.

He really does scare me half to death but promises that this is just so we can get there on time. But no sooner is Laura in the passenger seat than Neil proceeds to show her how not to take a corner, in fact, how not to drive. Unfortunately, neither Laura or myself have had any kind of Formula One experience and at one point Laura actually grabs Neil's arm to slow the car down.

I think we had better try learning some highway code first. Good idea, all agreed, so we go back to Neil's house to have some tea and a quieten down. I excuse myself to go to the loo and when I return they are both fully at it, fucking on the floor. I don't know what happened there, but this Neil obviously has a way with the women.

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