Neil The Wheel
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Neil The Wheel
Part 2

Neil Bow & Melissa Walker
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  Now when I meet Neil this time I see straight away he has obviously made an extra effort with his appearance. Hello, what's all this in aid of? For the past few weeks Neil has been teaching a young lady called Melissa. Melissa is a young trophy wife of a very rich old businessman and she is very attractive and very bored. In walks Neil.

So we get in the car - he's behaving himself this time, no car spins, and we drive to this huge mansion to pick up Melissa. I think she was quite pleased to see me, she probably likes the variety. Anyway, it's quite obvious to me that this lady is no more interested in learning to drive than Neil is, and she has one thing in mind and is quite forward in her approach.

Before we know it we are doing a U turn back to her mansion to find a spare room. No sooner in the door than she literally pounces on him, stripping him and jumps on top for a ride, holding him down 'til she's done.

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