Neil The Wheel
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Neil The Wheel
Part 3

Neil Bow & Sarah Reed
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  I ask Neil if I can interview both himself and his next client at the client's house to get some background shots of the person concerned. So Neil arranges for us to start at Sarah Reed's house before the lesson. It is probably the last beautiful day of the year so I set up the interview on the roof of her parents' Notting Hill house (very nice).

But all the while I am interviewing the two of them, Neil is trying his luck and is being cheeky. He keeps interrupting my questions with innuendo after innuendo. I can't believe it, but it actually works and Sarah, who is a young music student, is attracted to this clean cut driving instructor. Must be the variety factor. Before long Sarah is riding high on top of a table in clear view of the other roof tops and Neil is not exactly holding back either. Especially when we leave and he pulls out right in front of an oncoming bus. Aggh!!

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