Neil The Wheel
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Neil The Wheel
Part 4

Neil Bow & Jo
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  Now Neil has been giving it large that he wants to train to be a racing driver and he has gone as far as buying a race car to practice in. OK, I said, when are you going to start learning? So there I am one day waiting with him for his instructor to turn up. He was expecting a man (why, I ask?) but to his surprise a rather stern woman turns up. She doesn't look like she is taking any monkey business.

Neil behaves himself like never before, except when the instructor asks him to drive down a long narrow alley in order to practice reversing out of it with a low under carriage, Neil misreads the signals as a 'come on' from her. Bad mistake. She is not too pleased. Well, not at first, until Neil pulls out all stops and goes for it. Surprisingly enough (I was surprised) he gets away with it and before long he is cleaning the bumper of his car with her bare arse, good and proper.

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