Pound A Punnet
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Pound A Punnet
Part 4

Taylor Morgan & Vicky Valentine
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  My friend Vicky asked me to accompany her to choose her wedding flowers. So off we go to Columbia Road flower market where we find a very helpful assistant on one of the stalls called Taylor. We arrange to meet her back at Vicky's flat to go through her catalogue. And go through it she does. It turns out that Taylor only sells the wedding flowers and is in no need of them herself as she is a full blown lesbian!

She persuades Vicky to try out one last option before tying the knot, just to see how it suits. Vicky proves herself to be a right little goer with the ladies. She hadn't thought of giving them a go before but she is well glad she did. You just couldn't get her out from between Taylor's thighs.

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