Erotic Home Video: Create Your Own
Adult Films

by Anna Span

128 pages
Carlton Books

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  Have you ever wanted to star in your own porn films or direct your very own erotic masterpiece? What if you could cut out all the bits that don't turn you on in commercial porn films and make something catered exactly to your individual taste? With this unique book, Anna Span will teach you all there is to know to make your raunchy dream come true.

She'll take you through all the stages of writing, planning and shooting your fantasies. From introducing the idea to your partner, choosing the right clothes and make up, exploring fantasies you didn't know you had, making the most of your body on film as well as outlining the relevant legal guidelines. It will even teach you how to use a camera and editing equipment (if you are interested).

With around 120 colour photographs from many of the 100 films Anna has made in her career with a multitude of stars and locations, 'Erotic Home Video' is a stylish and unique book accessable to men and women alike. This is not a stiff sex manual written by a doctor, this is a humourous and sexy book that will broaden you and your partner's sexual experiences.

So go on give it a go and discover the porn star in you!

For a signed copy of the book, contact Anna personally and enclose a cheque for £18.99, payable to 'Anna Span', inclusive of postage to:

c/o Anna Span,
Suite 85,
77 Beak Street,

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